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You won't have to commit to a lease at any point

Rentals in the state of NJ are limited to 30 days. Any rentals for 31 days or more then become leases. With our flexible availabilities, you won't have to worry about taking out a lease entering a service agreement, or purchasing an office program.



Pricing starts at just $20/hour.

Please call for more pricing information, including availability.

Determine the size of your meeting's group

•  3 - 4 people each: day room office

•  10 - 12 people: conference room

•  16 - 20 people: classroom

•  Up to 32 people: seminar room

Consider purchasing an executive program

If you decide to go with one of our executive office programs, you'll find that they are all inclusive and that they come with DISCOUNTS. All of our prices are competitive and you can even choose to order à la carte service.

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Looking to host an event, presentation, or meeting for your business? You'll be able to choose from our 3 conference rooms, 3 day room offices, 1 classroom, and 1 seminar room. You can rent for as little as 1 hour, and you won't need a service agreement. Additionally, our rooms are available by the hour, half day, or a full day.

Find the perfect conference room for your event

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